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Hi there!

I am Julia Yameen :)

Originally from Amesbury, Massachusetts (a New England sports fan, it's true), I  am a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati CCM with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I've begun my post-grad adventures by becoming a full-time tourist in the cast of the first Broadway National Tour of Mrs. Doubtfire!  When I'm not on the stage, you can find me on the beach, preparing traditional food with my family, or writing lyrics to pair with the newest melody I've been humming. 

As an artist, my main interest is to understand, empathize with, and bring light to stories that serve to connect individuals with the shared experience that is the human condition. Being an avid mental health activist and an educator in the arts, I've been taught the importance of connection to foster meaning. I am truly fortunate to have the opportunity to connect through the passion I have for my art.

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